Social inclusion is foremost in the services we provide.

We have a new services developing for individual these are designed as a step down service for those who have been subject to secure and complex care.

Our new service will source individual apartments/houses providing an opportunity for service users coming from secure and complex services have an opportunity to experience our social inclusion within a culturally sensitive service. We work within your local areas, all areas will be known for its cultural diversity, being accessible to local shops and a short bus journey to City Centre. The local community has a range of services to meet most needs, including local college, night school courses, cinema, restaurants, religious facilities etc.

The service is specifically designed to accommodate those individuals with complex care needs, particularly those that have been subject to secure and complex care. Our aim is to provide a high standard of accommodation along with tenancy rights, supported by our enhanced domiciliary care service. This service is designed to balance enablement, social inclusion with a need to protect the individual and the wider community.


We source accommodation and support in a diverse community irrespective of an individual's statutory restrictions. We will provide a service to those subject to statutory supervision whether under the MHA 1983 or the Ministry of Justice. Our staff group have been trained to ensure that skills learnt within a secure environment are maintained and developed upon transition to our service. We will actively work with services prior to the persons discharge, following through with ensuring the service users maximizes their own contribution to their own care; their awareness of their relapse indicators, whilst balancing their rights to self-determination with that of public protection.

Our service user goals are paramount and at the forefront of the enhanced service we provide.

We will provide the following:

  • Care staff to support you within your agreed care plan and individual budget (IB)
  • We will provide you with staff that will assist you in maintaining your own individual budget if practicable
  • We will ensure that we will provide a timely and responsive service
  • We will ensure that you have a named individual to contact on a daily basis
  • We will support you to achieve your personal goals
  • We will liaise with your clinical team, including clinical & social supervisors
  • We will support you in understanding your personal care plan, including your relapse indicators



    At the heart of our service is the promotion of personalization, including supporting our service users to become as independent as possible through skill training to self-manage individual budgets, along with guidance on sustaining sufficient funds to meet daily living needs and planned future activities, including accessing the community and holidays.

    The Service

    At Care XY care about the standards of service delivery and how this impacts upon our service users daily living. We will set with each service standards that they are agreeable to, which are reviewable and will be added to our core standards of care.

    We will provide each service user with a comprehensive service delivery that is timely and maximizes their inclusion and independence. Individual care plans will be delivered on time and in agreement with the service user, balancing risk with rights to self-determination and that of public protection.

    We will work closely with your respective clinical team to ensure you are safe, aware of your mental health needs, including relapse indicators. We will provide a report to your clinical and social supervisors in tandem with their responsibilities to the Ministry of Justice outlining your progress, your achievements and compliance with your conditions of discharge. We will ensure a smooth transition of your present assessed Occupational Therapy skills and develop these in order to promote your independence and social inclusion.

We also welcome service users subject to s.17a MHA 1983 Community Treatment Orders and other sections of the Mental Health Act.

Asperger Syndrome

We enhance this service we also provide the services of a Relate Counsellor with expertise in working with people with Asperger syndrome and Autism. This includes providing support to carers whom very often find themselves struggling with their loved ones day to day living.

Learning Disability Service

We also source accommodation and support services to people with a learning disability. This includes those with combined mental health needs, autism and other associated syndromes. We have a specialist team that can provide one to one support in order to maintain and develop your skills in order to achieve and more independent lifestyle. Our staff have received comprehensive training in most areas, including Safeguarding, Epilepsy, Personalisation, Benefits etc.

We will liaise with your respective clinical team, social worker or nurse to ensure that we are following the designated care plan and that you are achieving your personal goals.
We have a highly specialised group of staff, including a relate counsellor for service users with Autism and Asperger Syndrome.

Our Facilities

We have a range of services that include:

  • One to one support packages - including support to access the local community
  • You will have a named manager should you raise concerns about your personal support
  • We will provide an environment that is conducive to promoting your social inclusion and independence
  • We will support you in accessing a local GP and knowing where the local Medical walk-in Centre is
  • We will provide support so that you can familiarise yourself with the community and its facilities


To make a referral you either call us, email or arrange a visit.

You can contact us on:

Telephone: 0121 544 0175


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